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Social Midia


Emily Platform provides native knowledge worker collaboration tools and services in conjunction with integrations to leading Web 2.0 tools and services such as Face book, iGoogle, Media Wiki, Type Pad, Word Press and Adobe Flex.

The Social Computing Platform enables organizations to implement next generation rich internet applications to mash-up and present internal and external content, bringing social networking capabilities to the business end user, while retaining choice over the selection of best of breed tools and ensuring enterprise-level security and control.


  • People - understanding preferences from communication and relationships vs. data and objects.
  • Collaboration - Sharing of ideas and contribution of knowledge in a creative environment vs. workflow and control.
  • Content-as-a-service - Content accessible everywhere, shared drive, repository, Facebook with automatic and appropriate storage, management, security, auditing and retention vs. a content suite and user driven storage.
  • Context of Networks - Activity driven context based on content, projects and team vs. Person only.
  • Infinite Possibilities


  • People-Centric Tools - Tech-populism bringing the tools we know and love at home into The office vs. 1990.s interfaces and systems.


  • Social Collaboration - Knowledge Spaces, Calendars, Discussions, Wikis, Presence (Skype and Yahoo), Social Tagging, and richer Social Networking information for users
  • Integrating the Outside-In - Out-of-the-box integration of best of breed open source Web 2.0 tools and services - Facebook, iGoogle, Media Wiki, Word Press, Type Pad, RSS Readers & Email.
  • Integrating the Inside-Out - Out-of-the-box content publishing to multiple channels – Web Sites, Face book, Word Press & Type Pad.
  • Rich Mash Up Architecture - Creation of new Rich Internet Application (RIA) mash up applications through Adobe® Flex. SDK, integrating front with simple, lightweight scripting APIs.
  • Choice - Choice of operating system, database, application server, portal, content creation tools collaboration & social networking tools.